Carmen Reina

Company: PWN Madrid

Twitter: @reigarma


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Mathematician, data scientist and expert in Artificial Intelligence. Along of my professional career I have had the opportunity to assume different roles associated with the processing and generation of knowledge in various areas.
I am passionate about challenges, which is why I developed a career professional in different positions that allowed me to know the data and Get acquainted with them from different perspectives.
From the creation of a technological SME to the construction of a information management department; from the coordination of European R&D projects for the extraction of knowledge through
machine learning techniques and their visualization from large volumes of data, in all cases both from the point of view technical how from the management of the teams involved. Thanks to that experience, I obtained a global vision of all the management processes of the knowledge and its connection in different business areas, such as health, energy, telecommunications, digital media, banking and insurance.
Now I am Head of Data Culture at Orange, where I share my passion fr data with Orange DataFreaks, and I take care of your training for he development of Big Data use cases, in addition to
promote a work environment in which they feel comfortable so that can make the most of their experience in their daily work to become better professionals in Orange. I don’t just make the team
of Data learn to use the latest technologies but develop Training on Data and Artificial Intelligence for the entire company.
Another of my current responsibilities is the creation, coordination and Management of the Committee for the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Orange Spain to ensure that the algorithms we use in our use cases of Big Data are ethical, fair and transparent.