Gemma Cernuda

Company: Ellas Deciden

Twitter: @peixco




With a Master in Communication from UB ( Barcelona, Spain) and an executive course in Managing Marketing from The Columbia Business School in NYC. I’m also holding an Executive course from UCLA on Women on Board. I Lecture at  the Masters Of Strategic Planning at UAB. I’ve been selected three times as one of The TOP 100 women leaders in Spain. I’m an activist in breaking stereotypes in the advertising industry. My TEDTALK about the #PinkTax is one of my works. I’m the pioneer as Marketing to Women Consultant in Spain. Ellas Deciden is the first Feminine Branding Agency in Spain. The goal of Ellas Deciden is to “Always look on the fem side” -We name it #SheThinking

Gemma has published 8 books, the latest one on #Feminism.

She is also a member at the BOARD of ARED FOUNDATION helping women to get a second chance in life after being in prison. I travel the world spreading the word. I run marathons and My moto is to “Question the Statu Quo”.