M.José Catalá Verdet


Company: Corts Valencianes / Grupo Planeta

Twitter: @mjosecatala

Web: http://www.cortsvalencianes.es

Web 2: http://www.planeta.es


E-mail address Education       Current professional work       Previous professional work             Research mjcatala@corts.es ·    Bachelor in Law. Lawyer (registered in Valencia Law Society) ·    Master in Business Management (MBA) ·    Diploma of Advanced Studies by University CEU Cardenal Herrera ·    PhD (Cum Laude) in Public Law from University CEU Cardenal Herrera   ·      Autonomic Deputy and Spokesman Deputy in the Autonomic Parliament of Comunidad Valenciana, Spain. Member of the Permanent Deputation at Valencian Parliament. Chairwoman of the Committee of Health Care at the Autonomic Parliament of Comunidad Valenciana, Spain ·      Councillor in the Advisory Board of Planeta Publishing and Media Group (Education and Universities)   ·      Mayoress of Torrent (Valencia): 2007-2012 ·      Counsellor for Education, Training and Employment of the Comunidad Valenciana Regional Government: 2012-2015 ·      Regional Government Spokeswoman: 2014-2015 ·      National Deputy at the Spanish Parliament: 9th Political Legislature. Autonomic Deputy at the Valencian Parliament: 8th and 9th Political Legislature. ·      Chairperson of the Governing Council and member of several boards at public companies. Chairperson of the executive boards and Chairperson of the boards of trustees of public foundations at Comunidad Valenciana, Spain. ·      Vice President of the Equal Treatment Comission at the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces   ·      Regular speaker at Leadership and Public Participation Course by Vives Foundation ·      Paper presented at II International Conference on Democratic Quality, Good Governance and Anti-Corruption, organised by University CEU Cardenal Herrera and Valencian Association of Political Sciences. ·      Paper presented at II Course on Immigration and Public Policies, by University of Valencia ·      Paper presented at Seminar on Public Management and Governability, organised by University CEU Cardenal Herrera.