Maria Angeles Fernández Solana

Company: ORACLE

Twitter: @oracle


Web 2:



I’m a Computer Engineer by Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, working in Oracle since 2010 as Risk Management Director. My professional career starts really early when I was 16 years old, as trainer of world processor and spread sheet programs in Philips Informática y Comunicaciones on 1982, then I was focused in Expert Systems (AI) for scheduling industrial production and GIS (Geographical Information Systems) working in different countries all over the world. From technical expertise I moved to management in 1998 when I became the Project Director of the Digitization System for Badan Pertanahan National in Indonesia funded by Spanish Government. As volunteer, I joined ANVDV (Asociación de Apoyo a Víctimas de Delito) in 2003, and I recently became its President on March 2019. Working actively on pursuing genre balance, I joined Oracle Women Leadership in 2010 as Board Member coordinating Mentoring activities internal and cross-company.