Maria José Mainar Puchol


Company: ERATEMA

Twitter: @MJ_Mainar


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  • Professionally, I started as an entrepreneur as soon as I finished studying my degree in Economics at the University in Valencia. Currently, I have a 30-year background experience as an entrepreneur and I have participated in several boards of directors at several companies as a founder, as in the case of ERATEMA and MAINAR MARKETING, both of which focus on Market Research, or Mainar Business Center. I also belong to the Advisory Board and I am member of the Assemblies and Plenary Sessions at different Projects, Enterprises and Organizations.
  • I have devoted more than 25 years to Project Management and Consultancy in Market Intelligence. I have managed projects for private companies and public institutions, technology centres and NGOs both at national and international levels, as well as at Market Observatories and Competitive Intelligence Platforms.
  • Currently I am the President of Business and Professional Women in Spain, which is a member of the BPW International, the oldest Women Entrepreneur Associations in the world, established in more than 100 countries throughout the 5 continents, being represented in the United Nations and the European Council.
  • I am the Honorary President of the EVAP/BPW Valencia, the Women Entrepreneur and Professional Association, of which I was one of the founders.