Maribel Bandrés


Company: Isabel Bandrés




She holds degrees in Fine Arts and Art History, both in “Universidad de Barcelona”.

She worked as researcher in archaeology and anthopology in “Universidad Católica de Quito”, and as a lecturer in “Universidad de la Laguna” at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

She later developed her career as textile designer.

For the last fifteen years she focuses her work as a historian researcher on Fashion History.

She has authored several books about fashion history and antropology: “Diccionario Larousse del Vestido y la Moda“ (Dictionary of Costume and Fashion), “La moda en Velázquez, usos y costumbres del XVII” (Fashion in Velázquez – Habits and Customs in the XVII Century), “La imagen del hombre profesional” (The Image of Professional Man), “La Boda: Historia de ritos y celebraciones – El traje de novia” (The Marriage: History of rituals and celebrations – The Wedding Dress),  etc.

 She speaks Spanish, French, English and Italian

 She is married with 2 sons.