Marisol Megino

Company: Megino




Marisol Megino, vocational entrepreneur, with extensive experience in the service station sector, a business that her grandfather started in 1930.

Mother of three children and a experienced executive, Marisol is an exceptional woman who gives off an entrepreneurial spirit, works in the present creating opportunities for the future, taking business projects to a solid level with determination and a leading sense of responsibility that she assumes as an important pillar in the development of society, the economy and the country, in a more ecologically sustainable environment.

She is the corporate director of Operations, partner and member of the Board of Directors of the companies of the family group that she leads together with her brothers; MEGINO – Area365: company that owns service stations and specializes in their management and commercial exploitation; INVERSORA MELOFE: real estate developer of service stations, which offers administrative management, human resources, marketing and marketing services specific to the sector; and SELOGAS: a purchasing and logistics center for the service station sector.