Mónica Monllor

Company: Instituto de Gobernanza Empresarial

Web: https://igobernanzaempresarial.com/


Mónica Monllor is currently Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Student Xperience Manager at Instituto de Gobernanza Empresarial.
She has developed her professional career in Higher Education for more than 25 years, together with working in a multinational context.
Mónica is fully committed to guaranteeing quality of training through the organization and planning of actions and always trying to improve the customer experience and increasing engagement. She believes in the strength of communication and the consistency between messages and actions, outside and inside the Company.
Graduate in Digital Marketing and Neuromarketing, with a degree in Business & Tourism Administration, Mónica has a strong vocation to improve the community, being involved in activities and associations to promote social and environmental sustainability and helping people to improve their career transition.