Mariola Cabas

Current/ previous positions: Co-Founder WA4STEAM (Women Angels for Steam)


Mariola is a founder member of WA4STEAM (Women Angels for Steam), a business angel organization founded by women to invest and develop startups leaded by other women.

Mariola has a proven track record of supporting women leaders even before WA4STEAM. She is early investor in E-PhotoPro, a photograph company for ecommerce, inventors of the patented Pic Booth.

Mariola holds since 2002 the head of Public Relations at Exce Consulting Group, a consulting media holding company. Also related to the media industry, Mariola is the Editorial Vice President of Taxi-Magazine, the first worldwide tourism and lifestyle magazine for the taxi users.

Mariola is co-founder and CFO of Rentima C. B., an asset management entity for commercial real estate.

Mariola co-founded and worked as CFO in Pizza Queen, a fast food franchise business, growing it from a scratch concept on a pizza cardboard to a corporation with 100+ points of sale across Iberia.

Beyond her entrepreneurial activities, Mariola participates in initiatives like Icade Business Club, Management Spanish Association (AED) and other forums to support the role of women in business. Furthermore, Mariola also supports other social causes, such as charity marathons.

Mariola graduated in BA from Pontificia Comillas University (E2-ICADE).