Rocío Hortigüela Esturillo


Company: Entiba Energy



Rocío Hortigüela is a Spanish Mining Engineer with a specialty in Energy and Fuels. She has almost twenty years of professional experience both in technical as well as top management positions: from mining investment analyst in a Chilean bank to market and business development positions and Chief Engineer. She is also a seasoned entrepreneur and currently heads her own company, Sidir, specialized in renewal energies.


She has extensive international experience, having lived and worked in several countries, such a Chile, Mexico and Brazil. Ms. Hortigüela has also often contributed as a speaker in international seminars and training programs all over the world, from Madrid to Ulan Bator in Mongolia, and from Oslo (Norway) to Baghdad (Iran) or Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia),


Since 2006 she has worked in the renewal energy industry in Spain. She is a firm believer in the necessity of replacing fossil fuels by clean renewable sources of energy and has thus participated in the development and promotion of this sector. She has also proactively defended the industry‘s interests through her work as Chairwoman of Anper (National Association of Renewable Energy Investors and Producers) and Co-chairing Unef (Spanish Photovoltaic Association).


Ms. Hortigüela’s interests also include humanitarian issues as shown by her work at the Kellogg Foundation with underprivileged children.


Her curiosity and desire to learn has led her to attend numerous training courses, the last one on geothermal power stations (2013).


She is an outstanding organizer and manager and has strong leadership capacities. She knows how to motivate teams and always remains calmed and balanced when working under pressure. Ms Hortigüela is also creative in conflict solving displaying her best qualities. Her personal and professional behavior always reflects her strong ethical beliefs.


Ms. Hortigüela is main stakeholder of Entiba Energy co-founder and CEO of the Company.