Concepción Dancausa

Current/ previous positions: Former Minister for Family, Youth, and Social Policy, Madrid Govt.



Concepción Dancausa is a Spanish politician, lawyer and civil servant who has spent almost 30 years in positions of responsibility in different administrations.

Among other charges, she has been Director of the Women’s Institute of Spain (1996-2000), National Deputy (2000), General Secretary for Social Affairs at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (2000-2003), President of the Madrid Assembly (2003-2007), First Deputy Mayor and Delegate of the Government Area of Economy, Finance and Public Administration of the Madrid City Council (2011-2015) or Government Delegate in Madrid (2015-2018). Since June 2021, she is the Regional Minister for Family, Youth and Social Policy of the Community of Madrid.

Dancausa knows Latin American politics well, having worked in Argentina, Paraguay and Panama for seven years. She has also participated in numerous forums of the European Union and was part of the official Spanish delegations in different United Nations World Conferences on housing, discrimination against women, childhood and elimination of racism and xenophobia.

Dancausa has received the Gold Medal of the Community of Madrid and the Gold Medal of the Red Cross.